LEMON SQUEEZY is one of the products created by Lili Gabbiano.

It is a fantastic lemon syrup, hand made from the organic juicy lemons of Corfu Island, Greece.

A refreshing soft drink for the hot summer days or mixed with the Greek local spirits for a more entertaining, alcoholic experience.

Different Ways of preparation:

soft drink or alcoholic drink

Soft drink mix:

Mix 1/8 lemon squeezy and 7/8 water in a glass, add some ice and drink.
(if you want it more sweet, add more syrup, if you want to have it less sweet, add less syrup)

fizzy soft drink mix:

add soda or fizzy mineral water instead of the water, same measurements as above.

KERKYREAN SPACE BALL (alcoholic drink)

MIX 1/8 LEMON squeezy, 1/8 TSIPURO OR RAKI, 6/8 WATER AND some ICE (add more Tsipuro or raki if you want it more strong)

OUZO LEMONADA (alcoholic drink)

MIX 1/8 LEMON SQUEEZY, 1/8 OUZO, 6/8 SODA OR MINERAL WATER AND some ICE (add more ouzo if you want it more strong)

garnish all with a slice of lemon.



Cheerful facades and interiors between kitsch and genius. The architecture of Freddy Mamani Silvestre has just blown me into a vortex of ideas.  No formal training in architecture but engineering school, that’s what they say about him, the Bolivian spaceship architect in El Alto has done more than 60 properties.

CHOLETS – Trailer from UNITEDNOTIONS film on Vimeo.