Seagull Collection

Lili Gabbiano first collection

Lili’s logo, the seagull, in Italian: GABBIANO, is combined by two words: gabbia (cage) and no (no).

Not in a cage but free, so beautifully gliding over waters, diving and playing in the wind.

Wherever you see a seagull it means that the sea or big water is not far.

Wearing one item of the seagull collection should remind you that and in case you are far, the seagull will drag you closer to the imagination of being near the sea.

The seagull print is available at the moment on t-shirts (both, for women and men) and on the tank top.

Screen printed by Lili Gabbiano personally and hand signed in the back.

A must have item for every sun, sea, beach and seagull lover.

See the available items below.

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